Tuesday, August 01, 2006

607 represent! (Part 2)

In addition to all of the dead bats, abandoned buildings and massive bargains I've been enjoying for the last few days, this afternoon I had the fine fortune to attend opening day of the Otsego County Fair. When I was a kid this was the highlight of my social calendar...and it's still pretty fabulous, even as a jaded adult. Why, you ask?

Well, first of all, there are the displays. Local ladies (and some gentlemen) bring out their finest vegetables, flowers, handmade clothing, maple syrup and baked goods, and all the 4-H kids bring their livestock. (What happens to the livestock afterwards is a story that is best left for another day, I suppose.)

Then, of course, there is the food.

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Although it may not be the healthiest fare, who cares? It's served up by nice ladies like this, and looks totally delectable.

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Once one has eaten a piece of peach pie (or a piece of peach pie and half a piece of blueberry pie, if one is a glutton like myself), there are activities.

Harness racing:

And a strange, and probably exploitive, phenomenon known as pig racing.

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The title seems a bit of a misnomer, however, as apparently ducks also race. This little fellow, for example, was in last place...but since he still got a healthy serving of kibble at the finish line, I'm not sure he cared.

Lest you think only the animals suffer for our entertainment, consider these ladies, who totally clogged their way into my heart:

I'm sure it's hard enough to be a clogger in normal circumstances--after all, everyone is so ironic and post-clogging these days--but when you consider that these women totally rocked it in 90+ degree heat and no air conditioning...well, let's just say it kind of puts fashionable pursuits like hot yoga into perspective.

The German people were also nicely represented at this year's festivities:

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Which leads me to believe that this

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may actually be true!

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