Friday, September 15, 2006

A peach, a wig and a dream.

After a nail-biting cab ride to LaGuardia airport yesterday evening, I arrived down in South Carolina to find much warmer weather, sunnier skies, and this gentleman, who greeted me upon my first jaunt out of the house this morning.

He was joined shortly after by a line of marching ducks, who seemed quite intent upon arriving at their destination...although it wasn't totally clear where that was.

This part of the South is full of chock full of Nature (although I have yet to see an alligator, much to my continuing disappointment), and also has its share of spooky trees:

Local hang-outs where beer is on tap and grits are served all day:

Where dudes play arcade games year-around:

Even after the tourists have gone home.

There is a thriving wig industry:

And even the light poles have style:

Some things, though, remain a little behind the times:

I know I am a Yankee and therefore hopelessly ignorant...but weren't mammies sort of, um, abolished in 1863?

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KB said...

Yeah, right. Have you checked out your Aunt Jemima syrup bottle lately?