Friday, February 15, 2008

2008: Es ist was es ist

I know, I know. I am the worst blogger ever. I've said it before, but now that I've let an unprecedented two months pass by without an update, I feel even more that it is true. I thought several times that I would perhaps just let the blog die a natural death, as my interest has waned somewhat...but then in the past week a couple of people have asked me about it, and I've been feeling oddly reflective, so you know, why not throw my hat right back in the ring?

I have to warn: today is probably not the best day for my re-entry into the blogosphere, as I am suffering what I firmly believe is the worst cold I've had in several years. I felt that I could deal with this when it came upon me on Tuesday, but last night when my nose started literally dripping in my German class (right when we were reading a special Valentine's Day edition of Erich Fried's Was Es Ist, no less!), I couldn't take it anymore. I came home, drank a shot of whiskey, ate a Valentine cupcake, and retired to my boudoir, where I made a jarring mistake of continuing my reading of A Woman in Berlin, which documents multiple instances of mass rape and brutality on the part of Russian soldiers invading WWII-era Berlin. Gulp! What was I thinking? That's not very all.

Needless to say, I've been having a nerve-jangling day as a result. But otherwise the last couple of months have been refreshingly calm, and 2008 is starting out pretty well...on a personal level at least. (Let's ignore for the moment, shall we, that the economy is tanking, thousands of people are losing their homes, legions continue to die in Iraq, and...well, you get the idea.)

I began the new year on a very industrious note, making new curtains for my kitchen:

baking bread:

and making a small attempt to get my lazy ass back out there, politically, that is.

(Washington, DC, January 11...)

I can't say as I've really made any resolutions for the upcoming year, aside from a rather vague sense that I really shouldn't enjoy watching Make Me a Supermodel. Was anyone else disturbed by Perry's semi-abusive Valentine screaming at his girlfriend? "TELL ME YOU LOVE ME AND WANT TO BE WITH ME FOREVER!"

Clearly, someone needs to be reading more Erich Fried. But I guess aspiring supermodels don't do that.


perpetually making said...

awesome curtains!! how'd you make your bread? was it from that bittman article? what's wrong with enjoying watch make me a supermodel... uh as you can tell, i watch it too - ha. glad you're "blogging" again... oh and a cupcake awaits you!

Queencarlotta said...

The bread comes from a sourdough starter very generously given to me by blogger Syllabub. She unnervingly refers to the sourdough source as "Mother." Just lemme know if you want some of Mother's's currently fermenting in my fridge.

Colleen said...

I like that you use whiskey as medicine. That's old school.