Friday, May 02, 2008

Bratwurst Friday

So, last night on my soggy walk home from German class, I made what is becoming a weekly pit stop in the local Whole Foods.

I must admit, I am torn about this. Whole Foods, unlike my local Pathmark grocery store, is not a unionized workplace, and I feel almost intolerably bourgsie when I walk around buying things like hazelnut oil and whole grain sushi. (This feeling of Bourgsie Doom was compounded last night by the fact that I got in a conversation with a random bystander about ramps, ferchris'sakes)

However, on this day, as I stood in front of the freezer case, I came across something I have never before seen in the United States:

JesusMaryandJoseph! I think I let out a little chortle of joy, right there in the Whole Foods.

So, I came home, fried it up in a pan, and ate it with my whole grain sushi and a beer. I must admit, I can't remember what real bratwurst tastes like, as I probably ate my last one as a youngster, but the fake brat was surprisingly spicy and....lecker!

How did this happen? Am I just the last half-german vegetarian in the USA to know that Boca started making veggie bratwurst?


Michael A. Marcus said...

I found a really good "Hot Italian" style veggie sausage in ex-Wild Oats now knowns as "Half-Foods" here in West Hartford because there is a "Whole Foods" a mere one mile away. I found your blog because we both list "Little Fugitive" as a favorite film and have an interest in photography. That first fav puts you (and I and a few others) in a very select group! As for the sausages, whatevah. You can see my photos if you wish at
Regard, Michael Marcus

Queencarlotta said...

Very nice photos, Herr Marcus!

As for "Little Fugitive"--I always wanted a little brother named Joey. Although I would never, ever be so mean to him.

(They are showing it again as part of the "Celebrating Summer" series at MoMA this month, should any readers be curious as to what we are talking about!)