Sunday, June 01, 2008

What to do on a Saturday, when it rains

Wake up mistakenly early. Make a loaf of potato dill bread:

Don't wash your hair. Ride bicycle to farmer's market; chat with farmer about New Mexico quarters and the unfortunate farmer's tan you are sporting following the tragic arm sunburn. Dodge raindrops on the way home.

Make a pie:

Feel ambitious. Walk to local gallery to view Germanic art. Make a pit-stop at fancy coffee joint you've never noticed before. Wish you could figure out how to make a heart shape out of foam like the barista does.

Get stopped by British tourist looking for a florist. Try not to feel creeped out when British tourist touches the bare farmer's tanned arm.

Continue onward, eventually reaching far, far away gallery, to view the fabulous Rosa Loy's exhibit, Close to Me. Think about spending $7,000 on Hab' Ich Alles. Realize that's crazy, and that someone already bought it anyway. Take free exhibit card instead:

Walk home along river; think about Berlin:

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