Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jeffrey Dalmer (sic) ate lunch in Aberdeen?

Once again I have fallen behind on my blogging duties. I can't help it--I've been busy, doing things like traveling about, home redecorating, and being woken at 6 am by a neighbor singing the soundtrack to "West Side Story" at the top of his lungs. (True story. And I'm not sleeping well because of it.)

Last week, though, I was on a mini-vacation. I say "mini" only because I didn't pay for my airfare, and didn't do any advance preparation at all. Instead, I cashed in my frequent flier miles, checked out a travel book from the library, and hopped on a 6:30 am plane out of LaGuardia...which meant that I left my home before my neighbor even woke up to start his singing.

The Pacific Northwest was my destination. I've never really been there before, unless you count an all-night drive from Seattle to California during my college years. (I don't count that, because I didn't really see anything, and the whole experience was tinged by sleep deprivation and other college-era misdeeds that I won't go into here.)

What did I discover on this trip? Well, I might be ambivalent about the west coast. On the one hand it's pretty:

(Aberdeen, WA)

(Aberdeen, WA)

(Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC)

(Vancouver, BC)

And there was lots of beer:

(Widmer Brewery, Portland, OR)

(Red Hook Brewery, Woodinville, WA)

But otherwise, it was just slow. Even in those little drive-through espresso bars, and most especially at the Canadian border, where I waited for *three hours* in my rental car for the privilege of re-entering the United States.

I was also a bit taken aback by Vancouver, which was just overrun by junkies. I've got nothing against the junkies, of course, but it was a bit unexpected to see so many nearly middle-aged people pocked with track marks, digging through the garbage and collapsed in various stages of nod throughout Vancouver's alleyways. It all seemed very old-fashioned somehow--like the '90s never ended. While in Aberdeen, I half-expected its most famous son, Kurt Cobain, would suddenly pop out from behind a building. He didn't, of course--but another '90s icon apparently ate lunch there:


Colleen said...

It's beautiful out there, but so far from my beloved East Coast. I had a dorm neighb who we used to hear singing showtunes as well. Not that early, fortunately.

Anonymous said...

I can across your blog by googling "rainy Aberdeen day." My husband and I are from Aberdeen and I find it fascinating that you ended up there...and took a picture of the old seafood building. If only we were friends and you called before your trip. I could have told you all of the fantastic places to go, like La Vogue Bicycle and Apparel in Hoquiam, Sisters Bakery in Aberdeen, or La Unica (for an AMAZING burrito). But, maybe you can check these out on your next visit. Did you venture up the coast? La Push, Forks, Ruby Beach, the Hoh Rain Forest... I'm getting nostalgic. Thanks for the awesome pictures. May I post the Seafood building pic on my blog, if I add a link to your site? It's really lovely...

Queencarlotta said...

Judesmom, so sorry I didn't see your comment. Of course you can link on your blog...and I look forward to a return visit to Aberdeen one day.