Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Guten Morgen Präsident Obama!

In some ways, this cover from the Bielefeld newspaper sums it up pretty well: the world is relying on our new president to protect our environment, recapture constitutional liberties and the rule of law, help the poor, and get control over the debacle that is our intervention in Iraq. Like lots of lefties, I question whether Obama really has the will to do this. Even so, I cast my vote yesterday, and watched the election results--all five hours' worth--pour in, and went to bed just feeling like an eight-year nightmare was about to end...or at least get a little less scary.

Like Roberto Lovato, a writer for the Nation, and a commentator on last night's election coverage, I think anyone would have to be a little hard of heart not to feel moved by what has happened in our country, whether we have any faith in electoral politics and centrist Democrats or not. Especially when looking at pictures like these:

Congratulations to everyone who fought so hard for this--from MoveOn activists to the so-called "hip-hop generation" to the election protection folks who made sure--or tried to--that no one who wanted to vote was disenfranchised. And for me, the most important thanks go to the people who didn't live to see this day.

(Not a comprehensive list, of course. Notably missing is Herbert Lee, because I couldn't find a picture of him...)

Undoing the horrible damage done over the last eight years--and earlier, if we are honest with ourselves--is going to take a long time. But for now:

Goodbye, George Bush. Ding dong, the witch is dead!

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