Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hilfe, ich habe geblogged!

Creating a blog is hard. Being a lazy type and long-resistant to self-revelation, I've thus far resisted other forms of Internet-based timewastery (Friendster, MySpace and internet dating among them), but could not resist the lure of pasting my questionably pithy remarks and assuredly substandard photos on the Internet, where they will surely be misused by EvilDoers waiting to mock me. Oh well.

My appearance here was really sparked by two things: 1) I got a chintzy digital camera and quickly became frustrated with trying to post pictures on Flickr, and 2) I was inspired by the sheer volume of food porn, class warfare and foto-based meanderings offered by my pals, that I thought, "Hey! I make food! I hate rich people! And I take lots of pictures!" Will that make a good blog? Probably not...but we Americans are never dissuaded by mediocrity, so there you go.

Anyway, making up a description was hard (I became momentarily worried that perhaps "windbagging" had some second, dirtier, know, like "teabagging" or "dutch ovening"), integrating pidgin German was hard (dative cases always hurt a dummkopf like me), and figuring out how to upload pictures was a pain in the ass too. But I think I gots it now, really.

With that, I leave with this deeply painful series of shots of my co-ethnic, Angela Merkel, being molested by George Bush. Just a hint: Germans and half-Germans don't like being rubbed, hugged, air-smooched or otherwise embraced, unless it is going to result in some type of erotic payoff. Gott in Himmel, George, hau ab!

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Colleen said...

Vilkommen (sp?) to the limitless world of Internet time-wastery! Awww yeah! Looking forward to seeing more of your well composed photos. I wanted to draw that barrel after seeing your picture of it on flikr.