Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ich habe eine Nähmaschine gekauft!

I have no illusions about how the Runway judges would vote on my first garment, but I offer it up for scrutiny anyhow, because:

1) It's the first thing I've sewed since I was a high school girl in HomeEc class, and it's a huge improvement over the black and white Esprit-inspired shirt I made back then.

2) I was totally the remedial student in my sewing class, and I now know how poor Malan felt last week when he got booted off the show.

3) I think it's too long, but my sewing teacher swore that if I hemmed it any shorter it would look "funny."

So, here's the front:

If you look really closely perhaps you can see the little embellishments I made in an attempt to save the skirt from dowdiness. I still think it's too long though.

I added a few more to the back:

The best I can say for this little number is that at least the hems are straight...and I can now say that I know how to make a French seam!


jujubugger said...

yay for the cute skirt! i hope to be seeing that on you when i do!

Colleen said...

it's totally cute! and your sewing teacher is a prude.